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23. Januar 2015


Master Thesis

Master Project

Through their ability to reduce, structure and focus information graphic designers are positioned as the world’s natural activists. Designers are uniquely skilled at efficiently implementing persuasive strategies and communicating clear messages to specific target groups and the masses. Their ability to trigger emotional reactions, while providing information, allows them to create a connection with the audience that’s vital to activism.

My masters thesis raises the question: Is the designer today’s ideal activist?

The growing industry trend towards responsible design is forcing designers to ask themselves to what extent can, and should, they influence political, ecological and socio-cultural decisions? Can designers not only please clients and consumers, but at the same time serve a higher purpose? Should designers acknowledge their responsibility and become activists in their own right?

My masters thesis explores these questions by analysing current advertising campaigns and showcasing the recent efforts of many designers, and brands, that are testing themselves as activists.