Anniversary Branding




22. September 2017





The brief

MasterPlan is an established town planning firm with three offices around Australia and 40 years of experience. To celebrate the anniversary year (2017), a milestone mark was chosen to announce a year of special events and create a strong symbol of heritage and achievement.

The branding

The bread and butter of a town planner is the land. The very soil on which something shall be built. A planner has to work with data such as contours, soil drainage and land units to determine whether development approval can be achieved. In order to create a mark that was close to the very core of the work MasterPlan is doing, I used land contours as a distinct feature in the logo. To further strengthen the core values heritage & achievement and at the same time create a distinction between the usual MasterPlan colour (bright blue and green), I chose to use gold as the accent colour and a dark royal blue for the backdrop.

The collateral produced for the whole year consisted of gold-foiled business cards, roll-up displays, an anniversary magazine for each office, collateral for two functions and a video about MasterPlan’s history, achievements and current projects in each state.